BMW M3 A look in foreign automotive technology

BMW M3 A look in foreign automotive technology

The BMW M3 is a high performance edition of the popular compact BMW 3 Series car made by BMW. The first day driving a BMW M3 can be a little challenging but keep on adjusting because the payout is worth it.

By taking advantage of the outstanding overall design of the chassis components a skilled driver in a BMW M3 can achieve an extremely high level of lateral acceleration. With high speed disc brakes and electronic locking the stopping power of the new BMW M3 is strong accurate and consistent.

The question is whether this nice animal is most beneficial for your pocket or not? Well many individuals say yes if you have experience how to handle your finances properly and buy the right car for your needs. There are many unique generations of the BMW M3 which of course also translates into price variations.

If you have a smaller budget but still want an M3 you should go to a used one. On the other hand if you have a higher budget offer you can go to the newer models. One thing to remember is that in luxury cars older cars are in many respects as good as new ones.

There is a wide range and many styles of custom wheels to choose from so a BMW M3 can be made as an individual like the one who drives it. Now lets go through the BMW M3s different generations.


This is the earliest version of the BMW M3. Basically as we know the M3 standard design which is the sports version of the popular compact BMW 3 Series was introduced here. The M mark not only carries the character of this car it is strong but also elegant.

The power train was the 2.3 liter S14 engine derived from the M10s inline 4 block and the vent and main architecture from BMWs remarkable but then historic M1 and later singular M6s inline 6 cylinder. The first car resulted in 195 hp then returned to 215 hp and then to 238 hp.

The BMW M3 was originally equipped with a firmer and more aerodynamic body shell in addition to box flared fenders which only M6 had. This was basically to accommodate a wider track with larger wheels and tires which was typical of a muscle car.

People usually do not think about the BMW M3 catalyst but in terms of the environment it is one of the vehicles most important components. The BMW M3 is the most powerful M3 that BMW has produced so far and due to the environmental movement and the latest downward movement it is perhaps the most powerful thing that will be done until we have more environmentally friendly choices to drive our cars.


After 6 years this version of the BMW M3 was launched. This E36 coupe model got the 3.0 liter straight 6 engine which created 286 hp. Four years later this increased to a 321 hp higher electric train which was derived from a new 3.2 liter. As an alternative a new SMG gearbox was integrated. Known as one of the best models manufactured this car is still available.

Drivers of race bred BMW M3 can also orient the cars way and performance due to Mdrive which is placed on the steering wheel for quick access to the vehicles setting which is retained in the Mdrive menu. The highly dynamic driving experience of the new BMW M3 is the result of 50/50 front wheel drive rear wheel drive newly developed chassis with specific weight optimized components distinctive BMW M axle kinematics forged aluminum track steering arms high performance brake system and electronic damper control EDC.


This is the latest version of the BMW M3. The main part of the E46 BMW M3 came in the Laguna Seca Blue with a more current SMG Drivelogic or SMG II giving a power of 343 hp. M3 is also lower in gross weight than past models. One of the reasons for this low weight is that the newer BMW M3 is the first production vehicle in its industry segment to have a roof of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

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